Data Warehouse Requirement

Data Warehouse Requirement

I have a requirement that all ad-hoc queries and reports be run against an environment other than the production system. Using Lifetime can I define such an environment and then implement what I need to keep data in sync?  I assume both environments would have to be treated as production. Would that work?  Has anyone done something like this?
Hi Curt,

For what I've understood your problem seems to be the database overload that you may get running those heavy operations.
Can't you just create an ETL process to copy the data from the production DB to another DB? Then you could create an extension with a DB connection to this "new" database and consume the data in the same Environment.

That certainly could work.  I've documented a few different approaches (and I'll add this one) that would likely meet the requirement.  When I actually get the work I'll determine my best option.  I was posing the question to see if anyone else had done this before as it would give me more options.  My initial thought was that with a cloud environment and basically unlimited processing power is this really an issue?

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If you feel that you may need a different machine to process the reports you can also create a different zone and migrate the app there.
This way you can have a separate machine (dedicated worker process) for the application having zero impact on the (original) production worker process and also on the database (assuming the previous ETL solution).

Check this post :)
Perfect!!  Exactly what I was hoping for!!
Great! :)