I am not able to create an AutoComplete function like it is described here:
I did everything like shown there but my cursor turns into a red symbol when draged over the combo-box...

Can i only do it by hand?
And how can i change that "Type or Double-Click for list" Message?
Hi Richard,

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What version of the platform are you using? You are looking at a rather old help topic, actually of an already not supported version of the OutSystems Platform. Check out the same topic for the latest version of the platform here:

Once you see how this can be quickly done you can inspect the code and validate how to do it by hand.

If you need any further help just come back here.

Thank you for that useful answer! I didnt know that the AutoComplete Wizard is only available at Show or Edit screens created by the Wizard.
Now i have still that Question if (and how) i can change that AutoComplete field prompt "Type or Double-Click for list" ? Using the prompt attribute from the input field didnt work, its gonna overwritten.
I'm affraid that message is not customizable in RichWidgets, although it should be localized to the languages supported on RichWidgets.
Hi Richard,

You can also use some JS for that, like:
"<script type=text/javascript>
    $('#"+Input.Id+"').attr('placeholder', '<new text>');

This will change the attribute placeholder, which is where that value is set.
Thank you very much, that works well.
I just added a Expression after that auto-complete Widget(could be anywhere). where i pasted and customized ur code in the "value" field (not to forget to switch "Escape Content" to no).