Making File Content Searchable

Making File Content Searchable

Hi There

Could someone please help in assisting me with the following:

I have created a CV (Resume') database application. The application captures a candidates information and the has the option to attach his Resume' as well.

What I want to know from someone is, how can I create a search filter that will search through the content of the attached file, for example if the word C# is in a candidate's resume and I want to find all the documents that contains C# in them?

Your help will be much appreciated.
If you are on a Windows platform you may be able to use Windows Desktop Search (WDS) to accomplish this.  You would likely have to write an extenstion using the SDK.  Information to get you started with the SDK can be found here -
Hi Curt

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. This seems to be to technical for me to grasp. I have never done any high level development so wouldn't know where to start in order to write an extension for my app in order to search through document content.

Is there a way that you can please explain all of this in more basic terms to me.

Hi Rudi,

You can achieve that by using the full text search capabilities in SQL Server. Check out this post

As indicated here Oracle Text is the equivalente for the Oracle database.

I didn't propose the built in database capabilities because it looked like he was dealing with files that were not stored in the database. 


Since I don't know your programming background and because I haven't actually implemented this I would not know how to help you.  If you haven't done any high level development then you should contract out to someone that has done this type of work as it would probably take you a long time to do, based on that limited experience.
Hi Curt,

Actually Rudi also PM'ed me. I just thought this info might help someone else....

Another option would be to use Google Drive to store the files and use their API for full text search.