Hi guys I want to change time of my Feedback Messages, I want to shorten the time of the feedback of success and alert and put the feedback error to disappear automatically also a certain time.

Has anyone done this? Anyone can help me?
Hi, no body? Ideas?
Hi Alexandre,

theres is no built-in solution for this, at least from what I know.

Nevertheless, I think you can achieve that by doing something like this:

create your own hide function.

function hideFeedbackMessage(waitBeforeClose){
	//Cancel previous hide animation if exists

	RichWidgets_Feedback_Message_timerHide = window.setTimeout( function(){ 
    	outsystems.internal.$(RichWidgets_Feedback_Message_widget).hide('slide',{direction:'up'}, 500)
	, waitBeforeClose);

and then, right after you call the FeedbackMessage_Show action, you need to do a RunJavascript action calling the hideFeedbackMessage(waitBeforeClose) function, where the waitBeforeClose is the time (in milliseconds) you want to the feedback message remain on screen.

I've tested it with v8 of RichWidgets.

Let us know how it goes!

Hi Miguel thaks.. the script don't work with outsystems.internal.$  because is internal of plataform but remove it like bellow works very well. Thanks.

RichWidgets_Feedback_Message_widget.hide('slide',{direction:'up'}, 500)
I'm glad you've found the solution!

hmm, for some reason it doesn;t work for me..

the function is called, but then nothing...

I tried to use the RunJavaScript action but like J. nothing happened. Is there any documentation on how to use it?
Hi there.
I also tried this approach, and nothing happens. Does anyone figured it out?
Hey guys,

I've published this component. All you need is just to replace the original Feedback Actions with this new one.

Hope it helps!

Best regards,



I'm glad you've found the solution!