Rounding on record lists

Rounding on record lists

I've been asked to provide rounded edges on my tables and record lists. Does anyone know how to do that? Please give me some ideas/samples.
Gerry -

There's a "border-radius" CSS property that does rounded corners... add that to the classes for the tables, divs, etc. There's also a rounded corners widget in Rich Widgets, but I do not know if it specifically does what you need.

The problem with border-radius is that it's not supported by IE9. Don't know about 11.
erm, yes it is supported in IE9.

Well, we noticed the RichWidgets Feedback_AjaxWait to have square angles instead of the rounded one, so its CSS ("border-top-left-radius: 3px;") doesn't work in IE9. It does in Chrome and FF.

It should work on IE9, unless you have Compatibility View on, as it removes the doctype from the document.