[Google Org Chart Demonstration] Congrats on your first component

[Google Org Chart Demonstration] Congrats on your first component

Forge Component
Published on 2014-03-28 by Daryl Van Johnson
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Published on 2014-03-28 by Daryl Van Johnson
Hi Daryl,

Thanks for posting and congrats for your first component. We hope you're having fun exploring our platform!

Could you post a link to a sample in your own personal environment? That would be great for people to try out the sample before they install it. 

Great advice! I will do that. I'm still getting use to the OutSystems platform. The only speed bumps I hit were creating the new web pages.... I didn't find out until afterwards that most of the standard page can be created automatically for you! I guess doing it manually first was a good thing in the long run. I didn't add a link to the application because I'm having a little trouble reloading the sample data. I imported our company data (to show the boss) and I'm not comfortable making it public. Once I resolve my issue and am able to reload the sample data, I will add the link.

Thanks again for your encouragement!
Hi Daryl,

Great to hear that you encountered few speed bumps. I'm sure in very little time you'll be breazing and building tons of innovative apps for your company. 

If you need any specific help with the sample data or to get your public example, we're here to help.

Keep it up,
I added the dependencies and some screen shots as you suggested. It took a couple of tries (the Forge was fighting me for some reason!). Haven't attempted to re-load the sample data into my personal environment yet. I'll add a link once I do it.

Thanks for all the advice!

Go OutSystems!!

Awesome! This is helpful!!

Go Daryl!!
Very cool Daryl!
I can't wait to put it to work.
Well done!

Thanks everyone for the encoragement and support. Be sure to let me know if you see something I could possibly change or do differently. I'm new to OutSystems and I have a lot to learn!

Thanks again!