Hi everybody,

I wonder if anybody ever did "accidently" override the "ServiceCenter" espace?!

And I wonder if anybody knows how to restore it?

Of course this happened to a friend of mine and not to myself ;)


Besides warning that there already exists an espace with the name "ServiceCenter" the 8.0 service studio did not prevent me from overriding a system component. My bad ... OK :D The publishing failed with an error though.

But the whole system is unusable now. Lifetime and ServiceCenter are unreachable because of "internal errors" and service studio cannot connect to my cloud environment anymore. Other espaces are still working!

I waited for about an hour to make sure that it isn't a problem caused by some internal hiccups.

Any ideas or even better help? :)

Hi Martin,

We'll help you get back on your feet, no worries. 

I'll follow up on your email to our Success team so that we can gather more details and if there is anything worthwhile to share with the community we'll post it here afterwards. 

Best regards,

Hi Gonçalo,

a public thank you for the quick help :)

Everything works fine now. You even rescued my espace.

Kind regards,
No worries - the team is here to help. Keep enjoying the platform and shout if you need anything else.