Hi there,
I have developed a database for the company I work for in Access. Everything seems to be ok but as the company has grown so have their needs.The database is a LMS (Learning Management System). It allows the capture of learner details and the printing of their certificates.

I set out trying to find a way to install their Access database onto a web server to allow multiple data capturers to work on the same file and host it in a single location.

I came across your product after I had tried numerous ways with no success and it appears from the videos and the test that you complete once you have finished installing the Service Studio that your product would be the quickest and easiest solution.
Unfortunately I have hit a wall when it comes to the platform configuration and can’t continue. I enter all the details but receive the same message when testing the connection. I have tried everything to my knowledge but have been unsuccessful.

Please see attached a screen shot of the dialog I get when testing the connection.

Look forward to the reponses.

In order to help I need to get a little bit of information.  First, which version of the product are you using Community Edition (installed on your computer) or Personal Edition (installed in the cloud)?  The second question is how are you trying to make the connection?  To my knowledge, neither of these free versions support the ability to connect to external databases so I need to know exactly how you are attempting this connection.  For example, what did you do to generate that error message?

In order to use the Outsystems platform to replace an existing Access application you need to recreate the application and import all the data.  Outsystems would be a great tool for this but it'll take some time to understand how best to recreate the Access application, especially if any Reports are used.  If you want to message me privately I may be able to help you more.
Hi Curt, 

Thank you for the reply.

It must be the community edition as I have the platform installed on my pc.
The error message is generated on the database tab when using the configuration tool 8.0,