WIA logon screen issue

WIA logon screen issue

hi, I encountered an weird issue here. We have DEV/QA/PROD boxes. They are all linked to our AD accounts. When i log onto my application on Dev box, I get WIA (windows integrated authentication) screen. However, when i log onto the same application on QA/PROD box, i get Outsystems logon screen. I thought it could be a server setting problem on the DEV box. But the rest of the developers are getting the Outsystems logon screen on the DEV box. We cannot figure out this strange issue. Is it related to my personal environment?

I really appreciate if someone can provide some hints here.
Hello Alick!

Is your issue solved yet? If not, can you describe if all boxes (DEV/QA/PRD) and part of your domain?

When you say that the developers are getting the login screen, I'm guessing that is not the browser's popup window asking for domain credentials, is that right?

Pedro Cardoso
Hi Alick,

There are two ways of configuring WIA, for reference you can read this information here. These can be set at eSpace level on the web flow, or in the Users application. If you set this on the Users application you'll need to set it in all environments, but if you set this at eSpace level this configuration follows the code from DEV to QA and later to PRD.

Now I don't quite understand your scenario, can you please be more specific and answer these questions?
  • How did you link your environments to AD?
  • Are you and the other developers accessing the same entry point? what is the URL?
  • Your personal environment!?! Do you say your DEV box is your personal environment? And the other developers are also using personal environments!?!
Hi Pedro,
1) all Dev/QA/PROD boxes are referring to Outsystems application servers. They are linked to our "PANDARG" domain and use AD accounts for authentications.

2) All developers use Outsystem login form when they access my application. I got browser pop-up window for domain credentitals when i access the application on the Dev box, but got Outsystems login form when accessing the same application on the QA box. (we have not deveop the app to PROD box yet)

Hi Andre,
I have read the information you provided. I never set anything special at espace level. Obviously the behavior is not consistent across the DEV to QA and PROD.

Yes, all developers and myself are accessing the same entry point of application (URL). The "personal environment" i said earlier is my own laptop, it could be browser setting problemand so on? DEV box is the Outsystems development server where all developers are using.

Thank you all for the help

Hello again Alick.

So all boxes are part of your domain. That is good. I'm assuming by your reply to André that you configured Integrated Authentication in the Users espace in all your environments, is that right?
Hi Pedro,
What do you mean "configured Integrated Authentication in the Users espace in all your environments"? As far as i know, i leave empty at the property "Integrated Authentication" for all the web screen in the espace.

I am not an expert as the server side administrator. Maybe you can help me if there is any user setting difference on the server between me an other deveopers?

Thank you again.

Hi! You leave it blank in the espace but you need to configure the Users espace. Go to http://yourserver/Users. Sorry to be brief... Writing from mobile. Pedro
You are the man! you fixed my problem. Yes, go to .../users -> "Configure authentication".

Thank you so much Pedro.
Welcome Alick, glad to help out!