OutSystems acquires Facebook

OutSystems acquires Facebook

OutSystems has announced today that it has acquired Facebook for an undisclosed amount. It is believed that OutSystems is not only is interested in leveraging the social's network user base, but also in integrating the imaging, messaging and virtual reality technology of Facebook's recent acquisitions, namely Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus VR.

"We are thrilled we have finally sold to OutSystems, instead of accepting the past proposals from Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple" Said Mark Zuckerberg, "OutSystems is a much better company than all of those, and I believe not only Facebook games will become a lot better, once they are created with the OutSystems Platform, but also that both our website and mobile apps will improve a lot by transitioning from php to OutSystems."

According to Paulo Rosado "OutSystems buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans."

Tiago, I can contribute with more information.

The first release of the new Facebook UI is due for this Friday, April 4th and it will feature mainly a cosmetic change: replacement of the Facebook blue (#3b5998) by OutSystems red (#CB2100) across all of Facebook's properties.

Support for OutSystems applications on the Facebook platform will come next.
Idea: The first measure should be a rollback in the latest facebook layout.

I was expecting the acquisition of Amazon because of the cloud necessities. After buying that little giant, will the account balance be enough for both acquisitions, or should OutSystems wait a couple more months?
Honestly I was expecting the acquisition of Microsoft and the first Outsystems commitment was the elimination of the famous Blue Screen of Death, or at least changing it to the red color ;-)
please destroy candy crush and farmville and life ban anyone sending out invites lol 
Is this still true ? I don't have a Facebook account and i don't want it, but i'm starting my way with OutSystems. What should i do. Is there hope for me?
When will I be able to use my Oculus Rift to "visually" program in SS?
I know OutSystems does things fast - I assume the acquisition complete?  It was so fast and easy for such a complex project - but that is their reputation.
freaking 1st of April xD