Side bar navigation

Hi all,

I wondered if anyone develops applications with side bar navigation ? What are your experiences, is it advisable and how is this most easily implemented ?

Many thanks for your feedback
I used a tool,, to create a side menu for a site I'm working on.  Because I will have a large number of items in my menu the standard top menu that Outsystems provides just wasn't going to work well for me.  I've been very happy with the results.

What I did was create a separate eSpace that will be my template for my web site.  The template is a webblock that has a table where I put placeholders for title, left, main, right (optional) and footer.  I then did a copy and paste of the CSS code into an expression widget and placed it in the left side placeholder.  Set the layout for your theme to this webblock.  You can then reference this eSpace theme from all other eSpaces and set the theme to the one you created and all your pages will have the same look and feel and the same menu.

I cannot tell you whether it is 'advisable' but it's very 'doable'.
Hi Curt,

Many thanks for your reply ! It indeed looks very doable. I will try it out asap.