Internal Error Compilation Error. Extension_FileSystem_proxy.cs


I already upload the extension FileSystem but when i try to publish the espace this error always prompt:
Internal Error
Compilation Error.
referencesProxy\Extension_FileSystem_proxy.cs(26,29): error CS0234: The type or namespace name 'NssFileSystem' does not exist in the namespace 'OutSystems' (are you missing an assembly reference?)
State: Build References Proxy

does anyone here how to solve this?


Lance Afinidad
Hi Lance,

Try to republish the FileSystem extension in your server.
Also, there aren't any warnings messages before that error? It should say what's wrong with the FileSystem extension.

João Rosado

Hi Joao,

thanks for the quick response.

I also try to republish the extension and it shows the same error when i publish the espace.

but i encounter warnings during publishing the extension.

"The extension has no .NET source code to update"

this extension works fine at version does version has a problem with this extension?




Where did you get the extension? The one published in the forge has .NET source code:

João Rosado