How to use pattern in input box

How to use pattern in input box

How do I specify the validation pattern for an input box? (HTML5)
Hi Gerry,

Have you tried using extended properties? It should allow you to specity the pattern from what I've seen. However, not sure how that integrates with the rest of your app. 

Can you try and tell us if it works for your use case?

On a text box you can do something like this for a phone number (e.g. 999-999-9999)
"999-999-9999" (used in the default validation error message)
But, the mask is not displayed as you type. It only forces the user to enter the other characters (like in this case "-"). I want the user to just enter the numbers and the field puts in the dashes.

Hi Gerry,

As far as I understand by a w3 example it only works for validate the input value, not for display the mask.

Can you try one of the components that exist on forge:

Both of them should do what you want and also should work for later versions of IE and Safari, the pattern attribute is not supported by those browsers.