set session variable from one espace and access from other not working


I have a peculiar scenario described below. I appreciate your time if some one helps in understanding this.
I am using java stack.
I have 4 espaces lets say E1, E2, E3, E4.

E1, E2, E3 are consumers of E4.

E4 has feedback message UI block and action. Action sets the data in to session as feedback object.

E1 & E2 - calls the feedback action and the action sets the message in session and redirects to E3 espace page.

when a redirection is done from E1 espace to E3 - i am able to see the message on E3 espace page, but from E2 it is not happening. When i go to E2 espace any page which has Feedback UI block there the message is shown.

I am still not sure what is happening there.

From the both the esapces data is set in to session by feedback action but only w.r.t one espace E3 could able to show message but not from other espace.

If i debug in to E4 from E3, i can see message in session of E4 when i do operation from E1, but it is empty when i have done an operation from E2.

I already spent lot of time in this and waiting for some fresh mind to look in to it and get me out of it.


Hi Thirupathi,

Do all your 4 eSpace have the same user provider? Because sessions are different if they do not have the same.

João Rosado

Thanks for your reply Joao.

All the three espaces have the same user provider, but E4 where the feedback block and action has user provider as current espace (which is different from other three are using). Will this effect? But from one espace it is working and other it is not 
Humm, no it would need to have a different value in E2 to have the problem that I was refering to.

Can't think of other obvious reason for that behaviour to be happening.
Anything different in the way you do the redirect?

João Rosado
Both E1 & E2 have the same code, just duplication of code. No change in redirection part.

Will there be any issue with the references?

E1 referes to E4

E2 refers to E3&E4 as well.

Just to reiterate, the observation is, the call from E1->E4 action setting session variable is working with E3 but call from E2 -> E4 action setting session variable is not working with E3 call.

1) create a Aplication with name PublicActions
2) Create a module with name Actions
3) Create the "variables global session" in Session
4) Create a SetSessionVariabel()
5) Create an input variable in this function VarSessionVariabel call that will receive the name of the session variable and one with ValSessionVariable that will receive the value of the session variable
6) create a public action function with name GetSessionVariabel ()
7) create a VarSessionVariabel input variable that will receive the session variablename and an output variable with the name of ValSessionVariabel that will get the session value and return to the caller.


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