Tip: Recover unsaved eSpace

Tip: Recover unsaved eSpace

Hello All,

If you lost all of your job/progress in an eSpace (even if you haven't save it) and the Service Studio doesn't recover the eSpace
   Go to:  C:\Users\[<YourUser>]\AppData\Local\OutSystems\ServiceStudio 8.0.0\AutoSave
   And open one of the *.BAK files in that folder that contains the AutoSave with Service Studio.

Thank you for sharing! Nice tip
Nice tip.
Great tip !! Thanks.

3 Years after this tip, and I must declare this information today is not working. There are no backup files in AutoSave directory as stated here. Just lost HOURS of work. I usually try to remember to hit CTRL+S to save to my local disk, and I am normally good about this, but it is very late already and I am no longer sharp, so I forgot, and yet I now have to stay up HOURS more because ServiceStudio crashed and I cannot recover my work. Outsystems just crashed and ask me to "Save and Restart" which I selected, then it stated upon its own save command "Invalid command line arguments: '-recover [my file name to which I save on disk]'. Use one of the following: -recover <espace.oml>[<lastSavePath>]

It did not ask me to supply the filename, it selected the one I last saved it as to disk. This is a valid file and path name.

I then searched for the AutoSave, followed the above recommendation, and that directory is completely empty. I am using 9.


And here C:\Users\xyz\AppData\Local\Temp\OutSystemsTemp ??