Embedded Change Technology

Embedded Change Technology


I'm new to the Outsystems Forum and have a question.

When I open feedback from the ECT feedback list, it does not seem to display correctly.  Is there a setting or configuration that I should set?  Please see attachment for display example.

Thanks for your help.

Thanks for your help.
Hi Karen,

Welcome to our community. I hope you're having fun with the OutSystems Platform.

From the looks of it it seems that the feedback was taken from the Preview. (Preview what?)
Well when you develop your application in Service Studio you have these buttons to preview how the application will look in a smartphone or tablet. When you open the application (using the big blue arrow on the toolbar) you open the application in this preview mode with the same form factor you were seeing in Service Studio.

Did you capture your feedback using this preview option?
Try to capture the same feedback but levaing the preview first. (How do I do that?) There's this icon on the top right corner with an arrow to open the application without these preview options. After you do this use ECT to submit a new feedback and check if it is ok.


Hiding the preview fixed the display issue. Thank you.

Is there a way to display images and menu tabs in feedback? I've attached a document that shows that the images and menu tabs display in the browser, but not in the feedback display.

Thanks for your assistance.
Those should be previewed. It seems the CSS is not being loaded and that can be a bug.
You should contact support about this.