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Need to access and control an external biometric fingerprint reader via USB, and would like to know is there any module that I can use for this, or if I have to develop something to that effect.
Anyway, I need to know how to initiate the creation of a module within the Agile and what language should be used. In my case it is a biometric reader MorphoSmarts MSO300, and it uses C + + in the examples accompanying the product manuals.

Thank you!

Angelo Frizzo Júnior
Curitiba / PR

copy follows in Portuguese

Boa tarde,

Preciso acessar e controlar um leitor biométrico externo de impressões digitais via USB, e gostaria de saber se existe algum módulo que posso usar para tal, ou se terei que desenvolver algo neste sentido.
De qualquer forma, preciso saber como iniciaria a criação de um módulo dentro do Agile e qual linguagem deveria utilizar. No meu caso trata-se de um leitor biométrico MorphoSmarts MSO300, e o mesmo utiliza C++ nos exemplos que acompanham os manuais do produto.

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Ângelo Frizzo Junior
Hello Angelo,

There most likely isn't any component already available for the particular device that you are using. This means that you'll need to develop it yourself.

Depending on whether you're using the .NET or Java version of the OutSystems Platform, you should use C# or Java (respectively) to produce the extension you'll need to integrate with this piece of hardware. You can do this using Integration Studio.

If you don't have an SDK available in any of these languages, it'll be harder to integrate as you'll need to create a bridge between the framework used by the platform and your SDK.

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Ricardo Silva
Hi Angelo,

Another thing to consider! If you are using a biometric you'll need a client side component. Correct me if I'm wrong but what you want is for the users of the application to record or login using they're fingerprint. They'll do this via browser on the client machine, where the USB sensor is connected.
So you'll need either a javascript, flash or java applet to do this on the client side and send that information back to the server.

Hi Angelo,

Most probably you are using the biometric reader Clientside. Adding to André's reply,

You will have to come up with alternate approaches for e.g. 
  1.  if your requirement is just to scan and store fingerprints, 
    you could build a desktop application maybe in .net (winforms/wpf) which scans the fingerprints and sends the data to the web application using a webservice. Additionally in this Desktop application you could add  a WebBrowser object which would display the web application.
  2. You could build a Chrome packaged, it has support for USB. I dont know much about Chrome Package apps, so cannot say much.


Thanks everyone for the feedback!

Initially, I am sorry to know that there is nothing available that effect.
Soon, we'll probably have to use something like Charles explained in its response 1, developing a way to receive and store in the database, a unique code that is generated by the biometric reader.
On the other aldo, we are now awaiting a response from the biometric reader manufacturer to decide to develop the solution.

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