Hi Wicked,

I'm glad that you made a successful post test, as you can see it really works! And I invite you to know the technology behind this forum, you can also do by yourself web applications like this forum, that work, even when users might have doubts about it :)

If you haven't done it yet, go and claim your own personal environment where you can develop and host your OutSystems applications.

What's included?
Signing up for an OutSystems Platform personal environment gives you access to everything you need to design, develop, deploy, and manage your amazing personal applications in the cloud. You will be able to visually design entire applications while retaining your ability to weave in existing code and then manage the entire lifecycle of your creations.

Are there any limitations?
As an individual developer, you will be able to build mobile and web applications and then make them available to the public for free. Your applications will be hosted in a securely isolated but shared multi-tenant environment perfectly tuned for small deployments. Learn more here.

Do you need help?
You have on-demand video lessons to help you learn at your own pace, check the Academy here. Or just drop your question on the Community, like you've posted this test!

Nice one Miguel. :)
Miguel, you won the Forums!  Take them home, they're yours!