Creating PDF with an imbued graphic

Creating PDF with an imbued graphic

Hi all, 

So i have a issue, and i wanted to know if someone had an insight in this matter.

I am currently using version 5.0 of the Outsystems Platform, and i wanted to create a PDF with an imbued graph. 
My problem resides in creating a Graph and use it in the PDF,  creating the PDF is the easy part, but creating a graph that can be imbued in PDF , that's the problem. 
I've used some tools in the community, but many of them are out of reach to me since the major part of them are for version 6 and up. 

Does anyone have something that can be used to create a graph that can be imported via URL to PDF widget? 

Thanks in advance 

- is the graph converted to image?

I created a graph via FusionCharts but since its a swf it can't be used in a PDF , so i went back to square 1.

Might be a good idea to change the chart type to HighCharts, using platform's version 8 chart component.

You have a Chart export to PDF demo available here:

Hope it helps you.

Best regards.
Daniel Martins
Hello Daniel ,

Yeah i know about the chart component, unfortunately here wh use the version 5.0 of Outsystems, so that's a no go. Thanks Anyway :)