EnhancedWebReferences implementation

We have the EnhancedWebReference extension:

We would like to find out how some of these methods work under the hood, so we open the extensions in Eclipse:
       * Use this action after a call to SetWebReferenceSoapHeaders to make a new Web Reference request without SOAP headers.
       * NOTE: since this action receives the Web Reference name as parameter, if two Web References have the same name both are affected by this action.
       * This only occurs in Consumer/Producer scenarios.
       * @param inParamWebReferenceName   The Name of the WebReference In Service Studio (#assert NameExists WebReference)
       public static ActClearWebReferenceHeaders mosClearWebReferenceHeaders(String inParamWebReferenceName) {
              ActClearWebReferenceHeaders result = new ActClearWebReferenceHeaders();
              // TODO: Write implementation for action
              return result;
But the code doesn't seem to do anything. This is the same for other methods.
The question is - why is the implementation empty and how does it work then?
HI Mantas,

This extension is distributed without source code because it is a system component.
What happens is that Integration Studio recreates the stubs for the actions defined in the extension if it doesn't find the source code files, and as so you see the methods empty with the TODO reminder.
The extension you have published though, has the full implementation but you can't inspect the code.