[DBCleaner] CleanupScript Page never presented

[DBCleaner] CleanupScript Page never presented

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Published on 2017-11-16 by Johan den Ouden
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Published on 2017-11-16 by Johan den Ouden
This component has two web screens - Prune and Cleanup.  The Prune works great but when I click on CleanUp the URL says its the clean up page but the prune page is the only one I ever see.  I tried deleting the prune page to force it to show the clean up page and it causes the browser to hang.  Because I'm doing a lot of experimenting I have a large number of database inconsistancy warnings in my Personal Environment that I want to get rid of.


In Personal environments that page will never be shown. This is because you won't have the necessary database privileges to execute the generated script.

The only option available for personals is to prune old eSpace versions.

This behavior is by design.
I'm happy to announce that with the release of the DBCleaner_API I've modified DBCleaner to use this API.

It's not NOW possible to delete entities and attributes in your Personal environment !
I assume you meant to say it is NOW possible to delete entities and attributes.  That's great!  Thanks for your effort.