Where do I find the interactive tutorial for the Directory app?
Hi Jennifer,

Welcome to our community. I hope you have a lot of fun using the OutSystems Platform ;)

Can you help me understand better your issue?
I assume you are using a personal environment and that you installed the Directory app on it, is this right?

On the Directory page ( there is a section that says, "Learn how Directory is built and how you can change it by following its interactive tutorial."  I have the app downloaded and have looked and looked for a tutorial but I cannot find it.
and yes, I have the directory app installed on our personal environment.
Great Jennifer,

I think these tutorials were deprecated on version 7 :(
I'm trying to figure it out... and I'll get back to you.

Regardless of this outcome, let me take this opportunity to show you where you can learn how to use the OutSystems Platform ;)

The OutSystems Academy makes available, free of charge, the Online Training. This is a learning path design to take you from 0 knowledge to autonomy and being able to change applications like Directory and also build new ones. I really hope you have lots of fun going thru our video tutorials!

If you are already familiarized with web development you can just skip module 1 :)
Also, since you already have your personal environment and can also skip the first lesson of module 2 :)

If you need any assistance be sure to drop by again so that the community can help you! Forum posts are also available underneath each video lesson.