Export to non editable envirement

Export to non editable envirement

Hi everyone,

First of all thank you for the platform really love it from the first moment.

Know my question: I’m building an application in the Ousystems platform an when I’m finest I want to export the espace to .net and install it on an environment of a customer. Is something like this possible or are the customers always required to buy a Outsystems license.


Both the Community and Personal Editions, because they are free, do NOT allow you to extract the .Net or Java code they generate.  This is not allowed because if it were, everyone would do exactly what you want to do, develop quickly in Outsystems, create the .Net or Java application and never pay for a license.  The only way you can create the .Net or Java code is for you to (a) buy an Enterprise license and (b) officially terminate your use of that license by detaching the code.
Hi Curt, Thank you for your reply, on this moment we have a Enterprise license so (a) is no problem. What do you mean with option (b)? I would guess there is a export function somewher in outsystems that I could use to extract the .Net code.
Hi freek.

What Curt means, is that you have the option to extract the code, but you can only do it when you end your license.
If you're a customer, there are no advantages in having .net code because it is harder to maintain. Only when you leave the wonders of OS, you can export the code and keep it at your own risk.

In this case, you are a customer, but your client isn't. You can have the code, your client can't... unless you can convince them to adopt Community Edition or Enterprise Edition.

But you can always lend them your license by giving them access to your online licensed application. Or, if you're planning to sell it to several clients, you can build a SaaS platform with multi-tenancy. That way no one but you will need a license.
Hi Nuno,
Thnx for your reply,
So it's a bit strange if i make a big application for a customer and he is never going to edit it he still needs a Enterprise license. Than he is paying each year for a service he is not using.

Could i then install it on his server with my license key, then take my license away from it and export it. So that his server leaves the OS but my own server still works with my license key?
The licensing logic is that you pay for using, not for developing.

Why do you need a license in your name? If they use the platform, they should pay for it.
If you are developing for them, you should do it in their license (going through the remove IPP process every time you want to deploy is a nightmare).

Example: I create an administration application, when I finish I want to sell the product to different companies. Why should all the customers get a license? The don’t get any advantech from the OS platform but the need to pay a lot of money for it.

I understand your point of view. You plan to sell a product, not the technology. And they won't get any extra advantages from it, only you. Maybe you can discuss that scenario with Sales. I still believe that a SaaS is the only way of doing such thing without troubles.

Just imagine that someone else does the same, and a company buys two apps that collide in their environment (extensions with equal names or something like that). Without the platform to detect that, they could get into conflict.