I have two questions ,

1. Are there any API / Action to return the current published version of an solution. ?
2. I find the published version exist in the Ossys_Solution_Version table, Is it possible to read the data from this table. 
Hi Vasanth,

No API that I'm aware...
You can reference that table (and other related entities) by using the Add/Remove References button in Service Studio.

Hello Paulo

Is there something similar to this  but for deployments done via Lifetime?

Best regards,


You can check out the LifeTime Deployment API.

Thanks Paulo

Hello again Paulo.

I'm trying to consume the Deployment API (base URL: /lifetimeapi/rest/v1) but I get an error message telling me the rest API specification could not be found. The error detail is:

WebException.NameResolutionFailure: The remote name could not be resolved: 'lifetimeapi'

Is this something you've encountered before?



You need to use your LifeTime hostname instead of lifetimeapi.