How can i add ZXingServices Reference to my Server

How can i add ZXingServices Reference to my Server

Hi all,

Can any one tell me how can i add "ZXingServices" Reference or any other references to my Server..

HI Sudhakar,

First of all you'll need to download ZXingServices from the Forge. Next you'll need to install it on your server. To do this double click to file you just downloaded and publish it to your server using your credentials. I assume you're using Windows machine, if you're not you'll need to upload the solution in Service Center. Go to http://<yourserver>/ServiceCenter and then navigate to Factory > Solutions. And upload the file you downloaded from the Forge.

Now you can use it on your modules just by adding a reference to the public elements of that component.
Use the Add & Remove References window.

Log into Service Center
Go to Factory and Upload the eSpace/Extension/Solution file.

Back to Service Studio, connecto to server and look for References (try under Logic). Right button click and Add/Remove References

Select Show All and start writing the name, if it exists, it will appear immediatly.
Thanks André Vieira and Nuno Reis,