Connect to an external database

Connect to an external database

It seems apparent that you use integration studio to set up an extension using the database wizard.

I'm getting a "The platform runtime user has not permission to access database.

What user do I need to grant access to my sql database in order to let Outsystem talk to it?

Hi Michael,

If you are using a linked server the Runtime user you configure in Configuration Tool needs to have access to the tables. If you wish to control what user accesses the database you should set up a database connection.

Hmm, I'm still going round on this a bit. If inside of Integration Studio I use Import, and then the Database Wizard, it says select the database server from the available database servers box, or enter its name.

So the database server name is T-ADAGEDBS, db is AD56_Test. I granted OSRuntime with password runtimeoutsystems of course. But still doesn't work. 

Poking around under service center, database connections, create database connection I create a new database connection. (I use OSRuntime ?? does this matter?) hit test connection string it tests ok. So, create.

Now it shows up in the database wizard. Did I do it right?

Hi Michael!

That's it. First create the Db connection (no need to use osruntime you can use other user with privileges). Then it will show up on the wizard and you can select the tables and views
Great! So I create the extension and publish it. It shows up on the server ( do I need to move it to my app? ) now reading the instructions it says to use the add reference to add it, but I can't find it? The video doesn't show this part. How do I use the extension?
HI Michael,

You should move the module to the application.
Now to reference the entities on the extension you need to open the Add/Remove References window and search for you extension and then select which entities you'd like to work with.

And now just use it as you see on the video.

Awesome! Changing it to show all makes all the difference!