[XML Records] RecordXmlConfig Structure Java Questions

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Published on 1 Apr (4 weeks ago) by Afonso Carvalho
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Published on 1 Apr (4 weeks ago) by Afonso Carvalho
I am using the Java Stack and am having some problems using the Xml Records RecordXmlConfig and AttributeXmlConfig Structures.  I am trying to Rename some Xml tags using the EffectiveName and also adding a Namespace using the Namespace. I would also like to add some tags that show when a Xml file is created but I am also having problems with this.  I am currently using a series of Replace commands to do all of these things manually within the Xml file but would like the options to do this. I have added a PNG file from your Xml Discussion that may be of some help with these options to the person that may review this posting.

Thanks for all the great support!
Hello Wayne,

In order to shorten troubleshooting this, can you give me an example of what you want to output and how you're trying to configure? Please provide an eSpace and I'll look into it.

namespaces and attribute renaming should be working in Java, so this is probably a bug (on my implementation) or a misconfiguration.

Best regards,
Ricardo Silva