Import Excel Data into Entity (with multiple identifiers as key)

Import Excel Data into Entity (with multiple identifiers as key)

I am trying to import a large quantity of data from multiple excel spreadsheets.  I know how to manipulate the excel spreadsheets (along with proper column headers in row 1) - but - the table i want to import the data into has 4 identifier fields that are the key to the table.  For example, I am importing data that has a property name, account #, Year and Month for each row of data - and importing it into an entity that has PropID, AcctID, YearID and MonthID. 

How do I get the data imported so it has the correct identifiers instead of the actual data (the identifiers that correspond to the correct data in those entities).

Sorry if that was confusing - but HELP.
Hello Jason,

If I understood you correctly, you're saying that the entity that you're importing data into has four foreign keys. is that right?

The common approach would be to have queries to get the primary keys for those entities before the insert itself. Just remember to have cache in your queries so you don't end up with a lot of stress in your database. 

Pedro Cardoso