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Is there a way to get rid off al those community edition "components".
Since 8.0 the only way to get a community edition oml to a server is to send it to the forge
Hi Joop,

Not following your question. :\
What «community edition "components"» are you referring to?

As I read it, people "abuse" the forge to remove the ipp from a xif/oml and continue otherwise.
in a word, people use the forge as a dropbox :)

some of the reasons are:

- lazy, uploading to the forge is faster than ipp
- people are not allowed to see the activation-code of the server, (external-developers)

Joost, it's the only way to remove IPP from community edition OML's ...
Davide: PetHospital, THIOS, SampleOML
From a development standpoint this IPP problem is becoming a significant issue.  There are more than five ideas related specifically to this issue.  Speaking as a developer that is interested in creating salable components and sharing development across multiple environments, this is definitely something that needs a fix fairly soon.
@Joop, got it!
You're calling them "community components" but the correct name is "personal components" (the IPP lock is present on the personal environment but not on community edition installations).

The Forge is currently the way for someone to share/migrate the code they develop in their personal environment with others (or themselves in other infrastructures :)) and as expected...

... we have seen some members "abuse it" to get around the IPP lock.

My personal take is: Hurray! These fellow developers have just shared their labour of love with the community under a BSD-license that enables its direct reuse by others.

Now... the nasty part is the lack of love while sharing said code. Component names as "test" and "THIOS" do not contribute to a healthy Forge and this is something OutSystems (as Forge owner) needs to address as more and more people get started using their personal environments.

Thanks for bringing this topic to the table! It's pretty cool to be able to count on you guys to raise the important questions! ;)

@Curt, supporting sellable components is a distinct topic.