login_getusermasterid alternative in Users eSpace

login_getusermasterid alternative in Users eSpace

Is there a alternative for the EnterpriseManager.login_GetUserMasterId, when using Users as userprovider?

This function always returns an active user, even if the action runs in a timer or webservice (you'll get the System userid). I didn't find a similar function within Users, is there another way to get active- or system-userid without using Enterprisemanager?

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Matthias Preuter
If I remember that action correctly, the purpose was to obtain the USER_MASTER identifier which was related to the currently logged in User.

Since Users does not have any concept of USER_MASTER and uses the Users table directly, this particular functionality does not make much sense in a Users eSpace.

What exactly are you trying to do which would require such an information? The currently logged in user id can be obtained by simply accessing Session.UserId action, which will be an active user.
Sorry, confused by the screens in the application. Everywhere in the application the UserMasterId is logged with login_getusermasterid and displayed in the screens. But in the screen there is a if userid=NullIdentifier then display "system" :S

Hi Matthias,

Use Session.UserId.