NextStep 2014

Ahoy community!

NextStep 2014, the OutSystems Global User Conference, is right around the door!

Start annoying your boss (assuming you're not the boss :)) to let you join us on 3-4 June in sunny Lisbon for a two day event where you will be able to:
  • learn from other customer case studies;
  • discuss requirements for creating business, consumer and employee-facing mobile apps;
  • address the need to provide intelligent insight from your business data, as well as...
  • experience how cloud and hybrid development and deployment scenarios can help accelerate innovation.
All this in more than 30 sessions of training!

Explore the session's agenda and when you're ready save your seat!
Hope to see you there! :)

P.S. - who's up for a BarCamp on the first morning?


Something wrong with the link to the BarCamp?
It redirects me to
Can't wait! I'd be interested in a BarCamp.

@Kurt, It might have been a temporary downtime. It's up again!

Justin, the interest around here is also pilling up. Let's do it! :)
the link works but I get redirected to a page with this title:

[NextStep 2013] Join our first BarCamp

I was expecting a message of NextStep 2014
lol Sorry about that! I was just introducing the barcamp concept to newcomers using the discussion from last year. :)

I'll put this year's thread in the air today and then update that link. Thanks!
Is there some discount on hotel-rooms for us awesome forum-spammers ;)

Yup! And it seems to be not only for forum-spammers but for all NextStep participants. :)
In order to get access to a special rate in the preferred Hotel for NextStep, the participant needs to send an email to confirming the reservation and mentioning that he/she is going to OutSystems’ NextStep 2014.

Sure about the discount?
I had already make a reservation in hotel Vila Gale Opera beforehand via (at the same price as on their own website by the way).
When I send them a mail stating that I'm attending NextStep, they told me I should cancel my booking and go directly through them to get a discount. But they propose the same price as I already have !? 
On my question what the then discount is, I didn't get a reply yet. I must be missing something...
Happy to help here, Kurt!

Can you send an email to with the details of your reservation? We will make sure you access the discount and have the best experience @nexstep 2014!!


Is it possible to follow tomorrows event online via a live stream?
Hi Matthias!

The event won't be streamed live but the presentations will be recorded and made available on our site (in a few weeks). If everything works out the BarCamp will have a google hangout. ;)