[SQL Map] Will this work on Java stack

[SQL Map] Will this work on Java stack

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Published on 2014-10-20 by Paulo Ramos
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Published on 2014-10-20 by Paulo Ramos
I am looking for the same on java stack, will it work on java stack?

It should... But let us know. :)
I tried, its not compatible with Could you please help in working this?
You're right, it's using a version of SortRecordList that only supports the .NET stack.

Try publishing this newer version from the Forge, then re-publish the SqlMap eSpace (not the solution) again:

I don't have a Java environment to test it, but let us know if it works this way.
Thanks, its working great! Appreciate your time, work and help.
You can change the platform support to ALL (.Net + Java) so that, can be used by larger group.

Thanks again,
Thanks for your feedback!
I've uploaded a new version (Turim) without the SortRecordList extension (added as a component requirement instead).