Unable to use an extension in my espace


I have downloaded an extension and published in service center. I can see the extension under Independent Modules. But When I click on Add/Remove References in my espace, I dont see that extension.

Pls let me know how to see the extension and use the extensions Actions in my espace ?

Are you sure you aren't filtering by "In Use" and "Modified"?
The alternative is that it is an empty extension, with nothing to be imported.
I am not using filtering and using "Show ALL". Also I can see there are Actions in the Extension. Pls see below screenshots.

Never saw that happen! In an extension the action are public so there shouldn't be any problem.

1. Are you sure it is the same server?
2. I suspect the problem is in that extension. Try to upload an extension from the forge and see if it appears.
Another issue might be privileges but I can't figure it out by the screen shots.
Did you publish the extension with the same user you open the eSpace module?
in serviceCenter when you click on you extension, what does the following tabs give you?
actions and entities tabs

there you also should see the actions/entities you can reference.