[NextStep 2014] BarCamp is back!

Hi all!

outsystems community barcamp
If you're not sure what to do on the first morning of NextStep 2014 then I have good news for you: the OutSystems community Barcamp is back!!

Join us again for a PUBLIC community gathering filled with of super-interesting short sessions proposed and voted on by the attendees! This is an event by the community for the community so you can expect a great deal of out-of-the-box learning opportunities (i.e. not just OutSystems Platform topics).

This get together will take place on June 3, 2014 from 9h30 to 12h30 @ CCB and you are free to join even if you're not attending NextStep. ;)

Since a Barcamp isn't your "regular event" please read the discussion Introducing the OutSystems Community BarCamps (which is mandatory reading if you want to present something).

Where do I Signup?

Both attendees and presenters should reply to this discussion with availability to attend / session suggestion. Think of this forum discussion as a virtual space that supports the event before, during and after it happens! :)

Sessions & Attendees (updated daily)

Proposed sessions


Confirmed attendees

  • Davide Marquês
  • Pedro Cardoso
  • Guilherme Pereira
  • Ricardo Ferreira
  • Hélio Dolores
  • Rodrigo Coutinho
  • Gonçalo Gaiolas
  • Paulo Garrudo
  • David Salvador
  • Sean Allen
  • Pedro Tomé
  • Tiago Simões
  • José Ramalho
  • Gonçalo Veiga
  • Luís Lopes
  • Mónica Alves
  • Say Meza Flores
  • Tiago Garrochinho
  • Cristiana Umbelino
  • Lúcio Ferrão
  • Ricardo Neto
  • Paulo Cunha
  • Mário Pires
  • Ricardo Sousa
  • Vasco Santos
  • Fábio Silva
  • Gary Williams
  • Catarina Santos
  • Santiago Suarez
  • Eric de Bruin
  • Marcus Santos
  • Pedro Borges
  • Kurt Vandevelde
  • Steve Jordan
  • Yuri Vieira
  • Natalia Blaszczyk
  • Ricardo Ferreira
  • Scott Darrow
  • Tiago Farias
  • José Honório
  • Paulo Ferreira
  • João Rosado
  • Rene Sundermeijer
  • Pedro Vieira
  • Nuno Maurício
  • Paulo Ramos
  • Rui Eugénio
  • Mário Araújo
  • Renato Gonçalves

Tentative attendees (to be confirmed)

  • Justin James
  • Evert van der Zalm
  • ...

Captain's log: 2014-06-08

The event went very well and the venue was even better than last year! :)

BarCamp Timeline

  • people got lost all over the place since the venue was so freaking huge - the good part was that this enabled speakers to get their act together;
  • attendees started coming in and voting on the sessions they wanted to see;
  • Google hangout started
  • Talk "Ping Pong Ladder Tournament: Using Personal Environment for fun and games." (video, presentation)
  • Talk "Top 10 Kick-Ass Tips for App Design" (video, presentation)
  • Wake up break!
  • Talk "Building a realtime application using node.js and the OutSystems platform" (video, presentation)
  • Google hangout sound got cut off
  • The sky is the limit (muted-video, presentation)
  • Google hangout sound back on
  • Talk "Re-inventing an insurance agent portal through UX (and OutSystems)" (video)
  • Google hangout sound back off :)
  • Talk "Building a solar panel stand and a monitoring system!" (muted-video, presentation, live monitoring)
  • Internet connections issues. Thanks Murphy!
  • Talk "Introduction to internet memes" (muted-video, presentation)
I hope you had a great time! See you on the next one! :)

Davide Marquês
Community Manager
Pick me!
Oh my! No initial uptake?! Hustle time! :)
I'd like to propose an introductory session on internet memes!

Ah... the days before 8.0.1. :)

I will try my best to be there and attend, hopefully jet lag will not be too bad!

@Justin, hope you can make it awake :)
I'll attend.
Pick me! It will be awesome!
I'll be there :)
@Hélio, will you be presenting? :)
I'll try to show a realtime application using node.js and the OutSystems platform. :)

I will be back with the Solar Panels topic!

Building a solar panel stand and a monitoring system!

From last bootcamp presentation, the project went into production a few weeks after. I will share my experiences with you, and focus on two great engineering efforts:
1. A custom solar panel stand approved to strong winds. Get your tools and beers and join us!
2. Building a monitoring system to measure the solar panel production using the OutSystems personal environment.
Sign me up for a presentation on the 11 Usability Rules for IT Developers.

See you there!

Gonne try to be present (-:

Kind regards,
Definetely will be there to learn more about solar panels, node.js, and cod fish :)
I'll be there.
I'm in!
I look forward to it!
I'm in!

@attendees: we need more session proposals! Time to spread the word! :)

Count me in!
Welcome aboard Tiago!
I'm in!
Hello. I'll do the talk I'm doing at this year's UX-Lx:

Re-inventing an insurance agent portal through UX (and OutSystems)
Lessons in applied usability for enterprise web applications. 

Challenged to re-invent an insurance portal from the ground up, we dug deep into our UX arsenal and started a path with our enthusiastic customer to discover just what it could be. A few months into the project we’ve re-discovered how disruptive UX can be and found out as it can serve as a great innovation enabler and transformation engine for whole organisations.

Cheers, see you there

Count me in
Luís, no cube this year? :)

Luís, try this version this year!

I'm in! ... the audience :)
I'll be there :)
Hello Say! Would you like to present something this year? :)
Hello Davide! Currently, I really don't see what can I present and I'm not ready for it. Sorry :-(
Count me in :)
Count me in.

I'll share a few images captured with a gopro on a small "drone" and the experiences I had while flying it.
I'll also bring a set of remote controlled helis and quads for anyone interested on trying one. 
Will this be online for people who can't be there?  
I'm in!
Count me in please!
I'll be there!
@Marc, sure thing! We can get a google hangout going! :)
I'll be there also!
Count me in too
I'll be there.
I'm also going to present an application done in a personal environment - a Ping Pong Ladder Tournament -, and show that PEs are the best tool to do this kind of applications!
Awesome news Mário! Glad to see the personal environment getting some prime time. ;)
What title do you want for your session?
Hi All, I'm planning to be there. (I'm attending the Advanced Bootcamp the week before (26th-30th May) in Lisbon and as a bonus I'm staying over to attend NextStep... as another bonus I get to stay in Lisbon longer avoiding the bedtime routine at home with my 2 & 4 year olds :-)
As a kind of newbie I'm hoping to pick up some tricks and tips. I maybe off track with what to expect, but.... these are blockers for me at the moment:
1. Creating a theme that looks something like this: http://themeforest.net/item/jupiter-multipurpose-responsive-theme/full_screen_preview/5177775
2. Setting an app to send and receive SMS (easily!)
3. Creating an automated job within an app that extracts pictures and text fields (to .txt file) and ftp's to an external site. My app is a Real Estate website that pushes local data to an external site (www.rightmove.co.uk) in a format that they can use.

May be someone can give me some pointers ....? If not... beer in the morning sounds good!

Ping Pong Ladder Tournament: Using Personal Enviroment for fun and games.
@Mário, thanks. Title updated!

@Gary, welcome to the fun! In the morning of the BarCamp you will be surrounded by a ton of OutSystems Platform experts and I'll be happy to help you out. No point in waiting until then though: those questions all deserve a discussion of their own here in the forums. ;)
I'm in!
Welcome Catarina! :)
A sad quick update: Rodrigo won't be able to present his "11 Usability Rules for IT Developers" session (since he's busy preparing for NextStep).

But not all is lost since you can still see the sources for the presentation here:

There is still room for new sessions. As a proposal: if you've been using your personal environment in a creative way come share your experience! :)

Insanity Wolf - Attends a "how to" meme session... makes a meme about it

@Santiago, that's the best "I'll be there" yet! :)
I'll be there too
I'll be there
Welcome Eric and Marcus! Would you like to host a session?
We still have room/time! :)
Hello, I'd like to participate.
I'll attend
Count me in
I'll attend.
Count me in!
I'd like to present you the Top 10 Kick-Ass Tips for App Design :)
Someone is doing a pretty good job of spreading the word! Keep it up! :)
I'll attend
I'll attend
Ricardo Ferreira: Hope to meet you there! :)
Ricardo Ferreira wrote:
Ricardo Ferreira: Hope to meet you there! :)
 Infinite loop!!!
I'll attend.
Ricardo Ferreira: Hope to meet you there! :)
Count me in!
I'll attend.
I'll also attend!
Count me in please :-)
I would like to be there but unfortunally I will arrive for the afternoon only. I saw something about a google hangout... please keep us informed.... ;-) Cheers Pedro
I will attend too :)
Count me in please!
Count me in!
Count me in :)
Count me in
Davide Marquês wrote:
I'd like to propose an introductory session on internet memes!

Ah... the days before 8.0.1. :)
 I'll help you my friend :-)
Thanks Fábio! Our presentation is going to be great (as all others)! ;)

The speakers will arrive a bit sooner to help prepare things but everyone is invited to show up around 9AM to get their name badges, mingle a bit and vote on the sessions they want to see the most.

The first session will be the one with the most votes at 9h40 and we'll start "immediately" to make sure we stick to the schedule (portuguese lol...)
when will the Hangout start?
Hi Matthias, setting things up now. ;)

We're on the Amália Rodrigues room in CCB!
If you're lost please visit the reception and people will show you the way. ;)
The sound of the Hangout is muted....
Looks like it's already fixed :)
it was fixed... but than there was a new speaker
Another one...
Hi all!

Thanks for contributing to a great BarCamp! :)
NextStep is about to start so hang tight for the event of the year! ;)

Here's the google spreadsheet me and Fábio used for the "Introduction to memes":
Enjoy! :)
Dear all,
Thank you all for organizing and attending this bar camp! I had a lot of fun with it and it was great to share my interests with new people!

Here is my presentation about "Building a solar panel stand and a monitoring system"

You can find the live monitoring running in:

See you next year! :)
Congratulations to you Ricardo! You certainly deserve the best speaker award :)
Congratulations to everyone who had even the smallest intervention in putting together this amazing event.

Hi everyone,

Hope you liked to see something different. Here is "The Sky is the Limit" (80mb) presentation
You will not feel the thrill of beeing hit by a crazy helicopter, but you can still see the nice pictures :)


Hi all,

Nice to meet everybody, some nice presentations (-;

Kind regards,
Sorry about the delay!

My presentation slides are here:

The realtime chat application will be available in September.
A preview will be available as soon as I can make it run on the development environment.

If you need info about these kind of integrations feel free to ask me about it.

I've updated the original post with all presentations and the event timeline.

Again, a big THANK YOU for contributing to a great event. :)