Change Page Title in Ajax Submit

Change Page Title in Ajax Submit

I've got a webpage that has multiple webblocks, each with their own title set by a static entity label.  Only one webblock at a time is shown and the user will next/prev though them filling out the appropriate information.  I can get the screen title to change when they move, but I can't seem to get the page title as shown in the brower tab to change when they move from one webblock to the next.  The Title property of the screen is set to GetFormById.List.Current.Forms.Label which is the label of the current form section they are on, but it isn't changing when they move to the next piece in the form.  This is the same expression that is used to display the screen title in the page, and it chages.

Do I need to do this through javascript in the next/prev action?  If so, any hints as to the javascript I need to use?

Never mind - I just figured it out:

"$(document).attr('title', '"+GetFormById.List.Current.Forms.Label+"');"

Hello Cory,

Seems that you're changing the webblock that is shown on page via Ajax, right?

If so, it is true that the HTML header <title> is not sent to the browser again. You need to set it via javascript using "document.title='Your title here'. You can the action RunJavascript from HTTPRequestHandler extension.

Pedro Cardoso