Process Monitoring: Thread was being aborted

Process Monitoring: Thread was being aborted


We created a process that commits after each 3k records per row, but usually rolled back because "Thread was being aborted", we tried to lessen by 500 records per row yet thread was still aborted. Does this have something to do with the database connection or merely on the outsystem side? Or is there any possible way to lessen such type of error?

Thanks people!
That is usually a timeout. You need to start looking for where the timeout is, check the General log for SLOWSQL messages to see if your DB connection is slow. Also, on the app server, use the OutSystems configuration tool to check the timeout value for the database, you may need to increase it to a higher value. My experience has been, if you need to go above 30 seconds for the DB timeout, something is likely wrong, like some bad code causing deadlocks.

Also, try doing the update with just a few rows (10?), and see if it works. If it does not, then your code is definitely the issue. If it works fine, the problem is probably that you have a query that runs fine by itself, but when done 3,000 or 2,500 times takes too long for the Web Server. If that is the case, look for ways to process the data asyncronously, such as making an entity to act as a queue to process the data, and processing it on a timer.