SEO friendly url on outsystems java stack - has anyone got this working?

Currently SEO Friendly url is only available via outsystems platform .NET stack.

SEO Friendly url is not supported on the java stack, is there a work around? has anyone got url rewrite/SEO friendly working?
Hello Robert.

Just letting you know that I took that question as a challenge :)

I'm working on a prototype that uses urlrewritefilter to enable SEO on Java.

I'll let you know of my progresses.

Pedro Cardoso

How did it go with urlrewritefilter?

If all else fails, jboss rewrite

Hello Robert,

bumped into what seemed like a  lack of feature and that is now reported as a bug (!topic/urlrewrite/-DUh6e1C7Yw)

If this one is not solved or assumed as feature, I'll take a look into that.

Pedro Cardoso
Pedro Have you looked into Jboss rewrite?
Just now :$

Seems like an option. I'll look at it later tomorrow... Day starting in Portugal now... 6am. No more time available for fun :P
Pedro, This seems simple enough to configure, Technically it should work! I don't see why it wouldn't work?
In fact it seems simple Robert. Devil's in the details!

That lib needs the files written inside WEB-INF folder, which the user that runs OS Apps have no access write to. So, a change in the lib is required to be able to read the config file from outside that location.

Nothing more than time is holding me back, I'm sorry. I hope I can get my hands on this in soon.

Pedro Cardoso
I'm really interested in knowing this as well, mainly for building RESTful web services. Possibly any update? Is this something we could possibly configure ourselves, our would it have to be done internally from within Outsystems deployment?
Hi Nicholas,

Take a look into this component.
Andre, good component, however it wouldn't work for restful webservice: http post, http get
Does anyone have an update on making this work on the JAVA stack?

John -

As Andre suggested, try this component:

This component is not nearly as full-featured as the SEO component in .NET and will not work for our purposes. Notably as it will not pass the original path and parameters along when it performs the redirect (as it does in the .NET stack). It does not seem like it would be terribly difficult for OS to update the platform itself to support that same functionality, and the earliest post in this thread is from two years ago. What's the holdup?