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Published on 2014-05-12 by Ricardo Silva
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Published on 2014-05-12 by Ricardo Silva
The Auto License application serves to remove the worries of having to manage licenses for all your servers. Just upload it, configure it with an email account and let the component upload the licenses for you.

This is useful for renewing licenses, and also for hassle free aplication of new licenses.

Email Account

While not an absolute requirement, I recommend that you use an email account just for this. This is because the component will delete "old" emails via pop3 as well as deleting emails it has used to upload. This means that if you use a personal account, depending on your pop3 configurations, you _may_ lose all your email.

How to Use

There are a few things you need to make sure happen:
  1. Have an email account for use with this component
  2. Request OutSystems (licensing@outsystems.com) to include that email in the list of emails that receive your licenses
  3. Upload the application to the servers you wish to have automatically managed (all??)
  4. Configure the pop3 server and credentials in the application ( http://yourserver/AutoLicense/ )

How it works

This component periodically (every 15 minutes by default) checks the configured account. If an email with attachment <This Server's Serial>.lic is found, the license is uploaded and the email is deleted.

Every day (at 01:30 by default) all emails older than Site.DaysToKeepEmails [2] will be deleted.

Every day (at 00:15 by default) a timer will check if the license is about to expire (if it expires in Site.DaysToCheck [5] days) . If it is, it will request a new license file to be sent for this serial number. 15 minutes later at most, if the email arrives, the license will be applied.

Please note that this makes heavy use of undocumented API's and non-APIs, so it might not be the most reliable piece of software out there :) I'll make it as robust as I possibly can, but that can only be done with better support from the tools.


The server needs to be able to access the pop server on the specified port and www.outsystems.com on port 80 to be able to request the license.