User Management Concepts

User Management Concepts

All, apologies I can see this has been solved but cannot quite get my head round something.  First, a couple of user definitions as I understand them.

OS Users:  Users of the platform where i create a login for my personal space etc, i can add more here.
Public registered users:  This is what I am trying to set up - a public site test, you start at a public page, and then Register or Login - when you log in you go to the 'edit page' of the user and can see all your details on the page and update them.

I would also expect to have all the usual forgot/change pwd stuff

I have created a 'Subscribers' entity with all the attribtues I need, including Email.

My question are two:

1. OS charge by 'logged in users' - are these two types described above the 'same'?
Should I be linking this to Users system entity?  Are they related?

2. How do I acheive the above without conflicting with the system users or reengineering any default authentication management that OS provides?

Many thanks in advance,
Rob -

1. Use the "Users" entity in "System" eSpace for your users.

2. If you use Users, the various system actions like "LoginPassword", "Logout", etc. will work without an problems.

An eSpace can either be a "user provider", or refer to another eSpace to be its user provider. An eSpace only has access to users within its user provider. By sharing a user provider, different applications or eSpaces can share a user base if needed/wanted.

The tutorials/academy will give you plenty of information on working with users. The "Users" eSpace is designed for internal IT departments to manage users, looking at it will give you some ideas on how to do tasks like a password reset screen, user edit screen, etc. The new templates may have this out of the box, but I have not made an eSpace from the templates in a LONG time so I really do not know.