Out system solution pak file


I am newly use out system . and all component install in laptop but i am not login in system for local host password.
so, how i can get password or retrieve password

Hi Muhammad,

Welcome to the OutSystems community! Assuming you are new to this technology as apparently you seem to be, a great place for you to start learning the OutSystems Platform is the online training. This is a set of video tutorials that you can do at your own time and pace, that covers all the basics and gets you up to speed to become autonomous.

One thing you show know right from the beginning is that all the application development you do is against a server. Most likely this will be your personal environment and the the credentials to log in that environment are the ones you provide when you register.
You have to use this information wether you are developing your application in Service Studio, publishing an extension to the platform's language in Integration Studio or publishing a solution.

I hope you have a lot of fun building you apps and if you hit a roadblock be sure to come back to the forums where the community will be most glad to help you out.


Hi André Vieira,

This is fruitful information on regarding subject . I am really happy to that for such forum which minimize our problem.  , in here I want , a local host web site for internal use who linked with my network and data use from sql server 2012.  So what is the best policy or work  for that type of local host use from outstation .

While I believe the Personal Edition in the Outsystems cloud is much better for a new user like yourself you can download the Community Edition (download link - http://www.outsystems.com/community/document-download/1142/0/3/4) but be sure to note the two major restrictions for that version.  Once you install this version you'll be able to login with localhost using admin/admin.

1) Outsystems has stated that this will be the last major version of the Community Edition
2) The limitations, expressed in software units (SUs), make the platform impossible to use for anything beyond a prototype in my opinion.

Hope that helps.
Thanks for the sharing, how can I resolve currently facing problem like :  I have need outSystem solution pack file   for extract then upload  in solution pack tool 8.0

I'm a little confused by the question so let me try and understand what you want.

You have a .OSP file, probably from the Forge, that you want to extract and upload into your environment.  Is that correct?

If so, just double-click the file, submit your credentials (localhost - admin/admin based on the earlier info) and click 1-Click Publish.  This will do everything for you and then when you open Service Studio you will see the application listed.  Click on the application to view/edit it.

Hope I understood what you are trying to do.

Install the development environment (Service Studio), then you can double click the OSP and set the credentials to your environment and publish the solution there.

Hi all ,

Sorry for unclear question(poor english) to you all , I have already install service studio 8.0 and need for osp file to extract in this tool so  that i get local host password.

Now I'm really confused.  Having a .OSP file has nothing to do with your local host password.  I provided what the username and password should be in my earlier post.  Assuming your installation went without error everything should connect at this point.  If that doesn't work you'll probably have to uninstall and reinstall everything.  Get that working to the point where you can create an eSpace (don't need to do anything with it) and then we can figure out what you are trying to do with the .OSP file.