performance of downloading a "previous" version is getting terribly slow


we are struggling with some basic performance of service studio.

Sometime, we want to inspect a previous version of an espace, but it's not doable.

opening the window takes at least a couple of minutes. the refresh rate is unbearable.
and when we finally manage to click a version it takes even more minutes to download.
with a high chance of having clicked the wrong version out of frustration.

my question is, what causes this enormous slowlyness and what can we do about it?

I assume the problem is somehow related to Service Center file transfer performance. That window is opened already with the received values in it.
-I may be pointing the obvious, but how big is your history? The more oml's you have, the longer it takes. Usually I try to keep them below 200 for each espace.
-Check the temporary files issue. That was what convinced me to do some cleanings in the first place.

If you are sure it is caused be Studio (ie. in a different computer the espace works) it may be some security issue (firewall, antivirus) slowing your initial connection.
For now it is all I can think of. The only time I felt SS slow, was when PE came out. For a few days that SS version took seconds to change between screens.

From my experience, Service Studio becomes more and more slow/unresponsive if you have network/connectivity problems. ServiceStudio also invokes (internally) the ServiceCenter (eSpace) webservices, because of this I would recommend to check your ServiceCenter application pool settings and as well you server performance/health.

Do you have slow queries in the General Log associated to (System)/ServiceCenter eSpace?

Hope it helps you.
Kind regards.

Daniel Martins.