Hi All,

I want to upload a video from my mac to my espace, (file extension m4v). My issues are twofiold:
1) The file is large and I would rather not use up memory when compiling multiple times.
2) Even after uploading to resources, I get a 404 error when using the url for its location. Any ideas on making it available without uploading to resources?? Many thanks.

Hi Julius,

1) This doesn't seem to be a goog approach. You should probably store the video in a cloud provider like YouTube
2) Check the Deploy Action property on the resource. It should be set to Deploy to Target Directory and then you can fill in the Target Directory property

Julius -

If you *must* do it as a resource, I suggest putting it in a separate eSpace and only uploading it once. Each time you publish, it will save a new copy of the eSpace in the database, which will take up a LOT of room very quickly!

An alternative to this, is to make an entity for the data and a management screen to allow you to upload the video. To download the video, have a page that looks it up in the DB and ends with the "Download" Action in the Preparation to send the file to the user. Ideally, you could use a static entity for this, but static entities do not allow you to set their values in Service Studio and maybe not in Service Center either for binary data types. :(

Hi Justin,

Thanks for the advice. I'll play around with it tonight. Ive noticed that I still get 404 errors when tryint to reference resources of certain file types. Its there some kind of setting I can alter to not have this happen?