[HighChartsComponent] v4

Forge Component
Published on 2016-08-30 by J.
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Published on 2016-08-30 by J.
Hi, Joop.

Do you think of upgrading the component for the new version of HighCharts library?
Maybe, but the highcharts are now incoporated in platform as of version 8.0
So better try to use that :-) or do you have special needs for an updated version ?
I tried to use the incorporated version, but it does not supporte some kinds of graphics, and some features I am interested...

May I create a new component compatible with this new version of the library and publish it as a new one at Forge? Is there any problem?
Please do.

But check also the forum, there is a tyopic about how to use the advanced possibilities.
This will enable you to create other kinds of charts