How can i open a  2nd popup after closing 1st popup

How can i open a  2nd popup after closing 1st popup

Hi All,
Can any one help me how can i open 2nd popup after closing 1st popup.
Kindly look into  attached doc for better understand of my Issue.

Closing and Opening the popup will feel very strange to the user. Instead of closing the popup why don't you redirect from the 1s screen to the secon, .i. After selecting the table in the user action redirect to the other popup screen to set the client name?

Hi @Andre Vieira,

I do agree with your point,But according to my client requirement they want both scrrens as popup.

 Kindly  help me on the issue.

Sudhakar -

If you want screen 2 to been seen after screen 1, within the same popup window, just have the action in Screen 1 do a transfer to screen 2 at the end of the action.

If you want screen 1 to close, then screen 2 to open as a new popup, do this:

1. In Screen 1 call Popup_Editor_Notify to tell the bottom page that it is closing, then call Popup_editor_Close to close it.
2. In the bottom page, have a link with a style of "display: none" link to Screen 2 with a popup editor attached to it.
3. Have the OnNotify handler for the popup editor on the link that opened SCREEN 1 call "Widget_Click" on the hidden link that goes to Screen 2.

As Andre says, this is a HORRIBLE way of doing things. This is situation where a PM needs to talk to the client and explain to them that this may be what they asked for, but it really is not the best approach.

HI Sudhakar,

Here's an example of what I was saying.
Thanks @Andre vieira,

Helps me a lot.