Trying to Create a 'Planner' or 'Agenda' view for this events list.

Trying to Create a 'Planner' or 'Agenda' view for this events list.

So I need the events on this list to be in chronological order (that much I alreay have). 
I have it set to be sorted by default in chronological order.
However I would like the events to be grouped together by ones happening in the same day.
For examle if I have 3 events happening on the same day I want it to list the full date and time on the 1st event, and on the 2nd & 3rd, just the time listed followed by the event.
I'll take any and suggestions. 
I tryed righting some if statements for the DateTime expression, also tryed a custom query. However my personal knowlegde of the two kind of limited me. 
Thank you!!!!!!!

this is what i have

this is a demo of what i want to do.

this is what i am looking to do 

this would be ideal (with no lines separating the same day events)

assuming you have date and time in separated attributes, its easy. If you used datetime it's almost the same, but you must be aware and work only with the date part.

Pseudo Code:

On preparation

For each row{

On screen

The same goes for row style to edit the separator.