Service Center repeats some eSpaces in eSpaces List

Service Center repeats some eSpaces in eSpaces List


When I use the Service Center (version to see the eSpace List on the localhost (local machine) I see some eSpaces being repeated in the eSpaces list. It only happens on localhost and not on other environments.

It doesn't affect me much but I would like to solve it if possible. Any ideas?

Thank you
Hi Pedro,

Strange behaviour you found there. :)
Can you share some screenshots?


Hello maybe it's references repeated in the database? Which table does Service center use in the factory view to form the list (in /ServiceCenter/eSpaces_List.aspx)?

If that's the case I can simply erase the duplicates directly in the Database. So do you think is a duplicate in the Database?

Thanks again
I know it's the same lines being presented so...probably the problem it's duplicates in the database...
I have looked in the database and can't find the problem. ossys_espace, ossys_Publishing and ossys_Espace_Version are all normal (without duplicates). Maybe the query has something...but only the Outsystems Developers will know...Well, if I eventually discover the problem I will post it here