[Majora] We want more!

Forge Component
Published on 2013-12-05 by leonardo.fernandes
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Published on 2013-12-05 by leonardo.fernandes
Hey Leonardo!

Can you add some screenshots and a demo?

Use your personal!


If you're wondering how the masks work, following the dar alleys web you'll find that this component is based on

Hope it helps
Pedro, I'm working on this component, but cannot make any commitment as to when it will be released.
When it happens, I will host a demo in my personal cloud.

Need some help? :)
Sure, you can help me by telling me what masks are you implementing with Majora?
And, is there any ground-shaking feature you're missing in it?

For now, that's it!
I'm not using it in a project Leonardo. I was showing it to a guy...