Anyone tried Outsystems Platform on the new SQL Server 2014? Any problem?
Will it be officialy supported soon?

Any news about SQL Server 2014 support?

Outsystems Platform 9 System Requirements only refers to SQL Server 2012.

Hi Carlos,
SQL Server 2014 is currently undergoing the certification process in the platform, and public support is expected to be released until the end of December.
Goncalo -

Will that be for version 8.X as well as 9.X? Or 9.X only?

Also, will that be in a new version, or will existing versions be certified as well?

I ask, because we are going to be building new DB servers in mid-December, and we would REALLY like to be using SQL Server 2014 because Standard Edition supports 128 GB of RAM, but we need to make this move as quickly as possible.

Thanks Gonçalo.

We need to upgrade a server with SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2014 would be the best option.

We're are currently finishing SQL Server 2014 certification process for Platform 9 and it will be officially supported in the revision patch that will be released in mid-December!

We have not identified relevant changes to the Platform so we are confident to say that you will be able to run the Platform as is over SQL Server 2014 with lo risk! Keep in mind that official support will only by provided after this next revision so, as soon as its out be sure to update your installation!


Thanks Ricardo.

Although v8 might run without any problem, only v9 will be certified, right?

We'll only be supporting SQL Server 2014 for Platform 9, hence, test were only performed over this major release.

Ricardo -

Thanks for the update! While it is a dissappointment that version 8 will not be certified for use with 2014, that is just another reason for us to upgrade to 2014 quickly.

Ricardo Neto wrote:

We'll only be supporting SQL Server 2014 for Platform 9, hence, test were only performed over this major release.
 Has SQL Server 2014 been certified? (The .NET checklist does not currently include support for sql server 2014)
Yes, in the release notes of the latest version it mentions this.



First, you are replying to a two-year old thread, with a related though not the same question. This is considered bad form, you really should start a new topic.

Secondly, I'm not sure what you mean by "development environment for visual modelling"? The OutSystems Platform? You can find here what the system requirements are (Google is your friend!). As you can clearly see there, neither Windows 7 nor SQL Express edition are supported.