Google Map Issue

Google Map Issue


I have used the Google Maps in our project, i am able to create the Map with Markers with no issues, however I found that after certain number of Markers [i think >10] i see that the markers randomly start disappearing. The behaviour is random and i never get all markers in the map.

Please provide me some help on it.
Hi there,

Are you trying to use the address to create the markers or the gps coordinates?
I had the same problem this week with addresses, than I changed to coordinates and it worked perfectly...

Jose Ramalho
Thanks Jose, can you tell me what function i can use to get the coordinates from an Address.

Unfortunately, I didn't.

I suspect the problem was that I just create new seed data to try that.
GoogleMaps have some api's to do that but I think the problem will come out again... what I recommend is extend your data with the coordinates and use them...