Upgrade 6 to 8.0.1 - Problems on OutsystemsLog queue

Hi all!

I've upgrade an environment from 6 to version, following all the steps of the checklist for a Windows 2008 R2 with Oracle database server.

After that we've issued some performance issues. Looking at the Event Viewer, there have been recorded lots of Warnings regarding to the OutsystemsLog Service (Invalid message label (Custom) in .\Private$\OutSystemsLog queue).

I've restarted the server and also the Outsystems services but the problem stills.
Yet, on the service center nothing appears to be wrong with the platform health.

Have any of you already had similar behaviour?
Any suggestion?


Hi Luís,

   Nice to ear from you.
   This problem is related with the Message Queue. First thing i would recommend is to purge the Queues.

André Pereira
Hi André!

Nice to ear you too!
Thanks for the suggestion, however after the queues purge that warning still appears in the event viewer.

Should I reinstall the platform? Seems that the Message queue has any misconfiguration.

Luís Figueiredo
I am experiencing the same problems out of the blue. The suggested solution does not work for me either.
Does anyone know what is wrong and how to deal with it

Regards Eric